The Name & Attributes of God
by Rev. L. S. Smallwood, BBS, M.Min.

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Table of Contents

Important Notice
The name and titles God used to reveal Himself to humankind represent His power, actions, love, and reputation.
The Almighty is not an object to be possessed, nor is He subject to or dependent upon anyone. The Bible forewarns
us not to invoke the name of God for selfish or manipulative purposes. These materials are for educational purposes
only and are not intended to offer some sort of mystical insight into the Divine nature of Almighty God.

Scripture References
Unless otherwise noted, Bible quotations are from the online
World English Bible" (WEB), which uses "Yahweh" for the name of God.
Other Bibles frequently used in this study are:
"The Scriptures" 1998 (TS98), which employ the Hebrew letters for the name of God, or the
"Complete Jewish Bible" (CJB), which normally uses the name "Adonai" for the Hebrew name of God.

Sources of Reference
Behind the Name
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to Authorized Version
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