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Bible References to the
     Names of "God" and the "Lord"

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Mezuzah Scroll

Names [of God]
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Titles [of God]
     El Shaddai
     Jehovah (Yahovah)
     Yahovah (Jehovah)

Names [of Persons or Places]
     Bethel (Beit-El, Beyth El)
     Daniel (Dani'el)
     Elohim (God) Is My Judge
     Emmanuel (Immanuel)
     Ezekiel (Yehezqel, Ezekiel)
     Gabriel (Gabri'el)
     God Contended For
     God Has Heard
     God (Elohim) Is My Judge
     God Is With Us
     God Will Strengthen
     highest supremacy
     House of El (God)
     Immanuel (Immanu El, Immanu'el)
     Israel (Yisrael, Yisra'el)
     Joel (Yo'el)
     Michael (Mika'el)
     My Judge Is Elohim (God)
     Samuel (Shemu'el)
     Strong Man of God
     Who Is Like God?
     YHWH-Is God
     Yechezk'el (Ezekiel)
     Yehezqel (Ezekiel)
     Yisra'el (Israel)
     Yo'el (Joel)

Name/Attribute That Means...
     absence from strife
     All-Sufficient One, The
     Almighty, The
     Almighty God
     be, to
     creative power
     dwelling place
     Eternal God
     Everlasting God, The
     exist, to
     Extremely-Exalted, Sovereign, High God
     Faithful God, The
     flee for refuge
     God Almighty
     God my Rock
     God of Everlasting Time, The
     God of Forgiveness
     God of Glory, The
     God of Israel, The
     God of Jerusalem, The
     God of Justice
     God of Knowledge, The
     God of My Life
     God of My Praise
     God of My Salvation, The
     God of My Strength
     God of My Strength
     God of the Beginning
     God of the Heavens, The
     God of Truth, The
     God Our Rock
     God Who Sees Me, The
     go up
     Great God, The
     heap benefits
     He who brings into being
     highest supremacy
     Holy God, The
     Jealous God, The
     Living God
     make healthful
     Merciful God, The
     mighty (el)
     mighty (gibbor)
     One God, The
     pasture, n. & v.
     pours out
     Righteous God, The
     sheds forth
     shepherd, n. & v.
     Sovereign Ruler
     strong (el)
     strong (gibbor)
     Strong & Mighty God, The

Name/Attribute That Means... Cont.
     support, to
     transcendent Being
     YHWH Heals
     YHWH Is My Banner
     YHWH Is My Friend
     YHWH Is My Refuge
     YHWH Is My Shepherd
     YHWH Is Peace
     YHWH Is Our Righteousness
     YHWH Is the Righteous One
     YHWH Is There
     YHWH of Armies
     YHWH of Hosts
     YHWH of Powers
     YHWH Who Heals
     YHWH Who Makes Holy
     YHWH Who Sanctifies You
     YHWH Who Sees
     YHWH Will Provide
     The Name of YHWH Is Peace
     The Self-Existent One
     to be
     to exist
     to support

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Scripture References to...
     El Elyon
     El Shaddai

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Titles/Attributes [of God]
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Names [of God]
     Almighty God
     Elah Sh'maya
     Elah Yisra'el
     El Chaiyim/El Chaiyai
     El De'ot
     El Echad
     El Elyon (El 'Elyon)
     El Emet
     El Gibhor (Gibbor)
     El HaGadol (El Haggadol)
     El HaKadosh (Hakkadosh)
     El Kadosh
     El HaKavod
     El HaNe'eman (El Hanne'eman)
     El HaShamayim
     El Kanno
     El Kedem
     El Mauzi
     El Mishpat
     Elohe Israel
     Elohim Kedoshim
     El Olam
     El Qanna
     El Rachum (El Rechem)
     El Rah'ee
     El Ro'i
     El Rot
     El Sali
     El Selichot
     El Tehilati
     El Tsadik (El T'sadik
     El Tzur (El Zur)
     El Yerush'lem
     El Yeshuati
     El Yishi
     El Yisrael
     Jehovah (Yehovah)
     Jehovah-Sabaoth (Tzva'ot)
     Jehovah-Tzva'ot (Sabaoth)
     Yehovah (Jehovah)
     YHWH-M'Kaddesh (Mekeddeshem,
..........Mekadesh, Mekoddishkem)

     YHWH-Rohi (Ro'i, Ro'eh)
     YHWH-Rophe (Rapha, Rophecha, Roph'ekha)
     YHWH-Sabaoth (Tzva'ot)
     YHWH-Shammah (Samma)
     YHWH-Tsid'Ke-nu (Tzidkaynu, Tsidqenuw)
     YHWH-Tzva'ot (Sabaoth, Sabbaoth)

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