Two Hearts

Two hearts, in love and in friendship combined,
Who can say why these wandering hearts intertwine?
Some may call it fate, perhaps kismet or chance,
But I know it's more than a mere happenstance.

There's a divine director arranging our parts,
Guiding our footsteps, leading our hearts.
He is the one some may call a mistake,
Some may call an unseen perpetrator plotting all our heartbreaks.

But I know there's a reason our paths often wander,
'Tis not His great fumble 'tis simply our squander.
Of the greatest resource that divine unseen Man,
Has placed so simply in the palms of our hands.

It's the heart, our deceptive emotional toy,
That brings so much sorrow while it's searching for joy.
And, why, some might ask, would a loving God grant,
such an unpleasant compass to usher our paths?

To quote someone else who so eloquently drew,
The conclusion I yearn to reveal to you.
He carries our hearts, He is never without,
Wherever we go, He is there and hasn't a doubt.

That the fickle thing beating right here in our chests,
Will guide us home safely to our Shephard's breast.
But we musn't confuse our free will with a choice.
For our hearts are already aware of the joy,
Of our link to the Father so they often employ,

Many distressful meetings so we can reconnect.
By simply accepting the payment of debt,
Offered by our Saviour, the one perfect Lamb,
Who once died but now risen, extends His scarred hands.

To heal that same heart He has placed deep within.
That because it beats here, it is burdened with sin.
Which is why it so often will lead us astray
Yet we cannot deny this great need to obey,
The desire to follow the path that He lay.

Right up to that cross where patiently waits.
For our mishandled hearts to regather to His.
So at last we can be at complete utter peace,
Knowing our hearts at their ultimate home,
Will finally reveal what they've known all along.

Copyright © 2006 Cristina Juhasz. All Rights Reserved.

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