Room in My Prayer Closet for Two

When I go into my prayer closet,
To talk, just me and the Lord,
Sometimes half way through,
Little hands open up the door.

My little boy comes on in
And quietly sits down by me.
And he'll pray along the best he can;
Now there's two on our knees.

Then sometimes when I go in
My arms are holding the smallest one.
And I talk to the Lord for us both,
Me and my baby son.

Whether it's the oldest or the youngest,
They both need to know
How to have a relationship with God,
So I do not make them go.

Lord, I try to steal away time
To talk, just me and you,
But sometimes I have to make room
In my prayer closet for two.

Copyright © 2003 Denise Campbell. All Rights Reserved.

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