Rainy Days

When I was a child
I heard that raindrops
were angels' tears.
I wondered, first of all, what angels had to cry about.
Then I wondered what was wrong with me-
for I thought rainy days were wonderful!
I could sit at a window for hours
just watching the drops fall,
seeing the zigzag-y trails they made
and listening to their rhythm as they hit the window.
As I took it all in, I was wrapped in a raincoat
of warmth, security and peace.
I didn't understand it; didn't know why.

This morning as I sat all alone watching the rain,
those sleeping memories were awakened in me.
Sorting through the dust and cobwebs
of those childish thoughts,
I came to realize that those former rainy days
were a prophecy of my life as it is now.
Because though there are tears,
and circumstances may call for sadness,
and others complain about the storms in their lives,
I am wrapped in a raincoat
of warmth, security and peace.
Finally, I understand it; I know why:

Because Jesus loves me.

Copyright © 2000 Jacqueline Ippolito Dewald. All Rights Reserved.

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