Psalm 119:50
(In My Own Words)

Your words are all I want to hear.
Anything else is a lie to ensnare
My heart from being true to the One
Whose life, if it's taken from me,
I am done.

My desires, His delight
His commands, always right
If I left, nothing's left
Nothing more to expect
The bread that I eat,
Honeycombs, not as sweet.

As the truth from my Lord
From His mouth, my life's poured
Every star that exsists came
From the sigh of His lips
And the heartbeat inside me
Is because He defined me.

Called and chosen by Him
To be seperate from sin.
All because He has spoken
All my chains have been broken.

Many voices cry out to our
Ears they all shout
But the voice that is small
Is the greatest of all.

Your words bring me life
Your words are my life
Your words are all I want to hear.

Copyright © 2010 Cristina Juhasz. All Rights Reserved.

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