The Oyster

Asked the oyster of the grain of sand,
"How did you get in here?"
Sweetly said the grain of sand,
"God's grace has brought me, dear."

The oyster said, "Please go away,
You're irritating me!
I just don't want you hanging 'round;
You're bothersome, you see?"

The grain let out a lengthy sigh,
"Oh sure, I know it's true.
I'd gladly leave here right away
But there's nothing I can do."

The oyster opened wide his shell,
"Here, let me help you out."
But the sand gripped only harder,
"I must be here, there's no doubt."

The crustacean now was angry
As he yelled, "What do you mean?
A reason for you to rub me so
By logic can't be seen!"

"I'm here to set you free!"
The speck tried nicely to explain.
But the oyster couldn't understand;
Free through vexing pain?

And so they lived together
In that troubled situation.
To the oyster this adversity
Defied all explanation.

Appeals for relief
Just seemed to fall upon deaf Ears.
So he kicked against the chafing
And provoking all those years.

And then one cold New England day
A fishing net was cast.
The oyster knew he'd be opened up
And rid of the grain at last!

With glee he let them pry his shell.
But much to his surprise,
A large crowd quickly gathered
At the oysterman's loud cries.

What was all the fuss
For one annoying piece of sand?
But the fisherman held a work of art
Within his trembling hand.


The oyster saw, beyond his shell,
A pearl quite large and round.
Of a color and consistency
Rarely to be found.

He knew that it would fetch a price
To do an oyster proud.
"Is that what it was all about?"
He wondered right aloud.

"If not for that one grain of sand
I'd just an oyster be;
Living life in solitude
And anonymity.

I resented the displeasure
But it made my juices flow,
And created something wonderful
That all the world may know.

And so, my friend, remember,
When you face YOUR grain of sand;
That trial becomes a comely pearl
By Jesus' gracious hand.

Copyright © 2000 Jacqueline Ippolito Dewald. All Rights Reserved.

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