Now Here I Am (Linda's Song)

Never did I seek solace in a man's arms here I am; running to throw myself into your strong and tender embrace

Never would I allow myself to be subservient here I am; my heart beating wildly at the opportunity to subjugate my will to yours.

Never would I let anyone under the armor I had so painstakingly built around my heart here I am; looking for every opportunity to bare my soul to your penetrating gaze.

Never would I permit myself to be dependent upon another living being here I am; sure I cannot take my next breath without you.

Never would I trust any thoughts or ideas but my own here I am; searching constantly for your truth, hanging on your every word.

Never would I look to anyone for direction or bearing
...Now here I am; not knowing where you'll take me next but sure that as long as you lead, I will follow.

Never did I belong to anyone but me, refusing to be molded into anyone's image here I am; needing to be so exactly like you I want to crawl into your very heart to make it happen.

Never did I question the answers I had for my life, positive I knew where I was going and exactly how to get there here I am; head-over-heels in love with you, unwaveringly sold out to you, willing to live and die
for you, and finally in the midst of the encompassing peace that had eluded me until I found it in you.

...I love you, my Jesus!

Copyright © 1998 Jacqueline Ippolito Dewald. All Rights Reserved.

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