Let Go and Let God

Life is a journey that can be highlighted by misery or it can be happy adventure. This is determined greatly by how we view things along the way. If we hurry through, consumed by our struggles, we miss the great wonders God is trying to show us. Take time to smell the roses, to taste the water from the sparkling spring, to talk with a stranger, to see the smile of an infant!

God often uses other people to show us His love and compassion. My grandma and grandpa McEntire never had a lot of material blessings and suffered much tragedy in their lives. They raised five of the ten children born to them. In spite of this they were filled with God's love, they were quite generous with what little they had. They loved the Lord and never passed up an opportunity to tell someone else how much He meant to them. They loved not only their family, but all who needed their love.

Some twenty years ago I happened to attend a Christmas program presented by children from a state home for the developmentally disabled. They had a bell choir that preformed with excellence and was quite inspiring. But what brought tears to my eyes was a performance by a little black-skinned American boy, his twisted little body embraced in a wheel chair. My heart warmed exceedingly as he sang, "God Smiled on Me." I could tell he was singing from his heart and he wore a big warm smile!

Later I crossed paths with a precious lady named Emma Deeds. Her body had been made almost useless by Multiple Sclerosis and she had to be moved about in a wheel chair being pushed by someone else. She couldn't even go to the bathroom by herself or feed herself. At first, I thought I would bless her with a visit in her home. Guess who received the greater blessing! Though Emma's body was frail, she was one of the strongest Christian warriors I have ever known. Her favorite seat in the home was a simple chair by a window. She loved to look out, watch the birds and marvel at God's creation. She never missed an opportunity to give her testimony. Adults and children came to her home to hear her testimony. I learned that several ministers from different denominational backgrounds visited her and received inspiration and blessings. Emma never complained, but praised God for all he had done for her. Before she had become incapacitated she had this compelling need to memorize as much scripture as she possibly could. She came to realize that this was God preparing her for the time she would not be able to hold her Bible, or even turn the pages. Emma Deeds has gone on to be with the Lord but I shall not forget what he taught me through her. She enjoyed the Christian poems I wrote and encouraged me to write. The following is a poem I wrote for Emma.


The Joy of the Lord

The joy of the Lord
Is my very strength!
It gives my life
Its depth and length.

His joy floods my soul
Each day that I live!
Giving me pleasure
No other could give.

He is the brightness
Of every day.
He drives all the clouds
Of sorrow away.

Jesus is the Lord
Who gives all this joy.
For all who are His
with love to employ.

Though frail I may be,
And feeble of limb,
I've strength in His joy
And praises for Him!

With these and the many other examples God has given me, I find it quite difficult to feel sorry for myself. I can plainly see that whatever road God chooses for me to take on this journey, He will give me the strength I need to accomplish whatever task He has for me. He does not withhold His joy. If we are unhappy and dissatisfied with life, it's because we made that choice and did not allow God to fill our lives.

Copyright © 2010. John Douglas Francen. All Rights Reserved.

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