It Should Have Been Me

It should have been me lying in that grave,
After dying nailed to that tree.
I could have been convicted of my sins
But I have been set free!

I should have suffered the pain of guilt
For all of the sins I have done.
But Jesus paid the price for me,
And He's God's only begotten Son!

All I had to do was accept this gift He gave
And trust Him as my Savior and Lord,
And all the love He gives to me,
Believing always in His word.

I'm so thankful for such love
By our Creator and His Son,
Who took my place and penalty
And paid it all before my life had begun.

He's in the Father's presence
And building a home for me there,
Where I shall ever praise Him
And thank Him for His care.

Copyright © 2010. John Douglas Francen. All Rights Reserved.

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