In Remembrance of...

The province was vast; enormous
filled with hill and rock and tree
all of it belonged to the king
far beyond what eye could see.

He'd established it for himself
back o'er the countless years
He tended and made plans for it
investing sweat and tears.

He began to populate his realm
with every varied kind
of person he could win himself-
for fellowship he pined.

At the beginning there'd been a scene
with another who'd wanted to rule
But he'd been thrown out
for the king could suffer not a haughty fool.

This kingdom would be perfect
but this troubler hung around
sweet-talking subjects of the king
he'd enslave them, gagged and bound.

The people just could not escape
but cried out for the king
who vowed he would deliver them;
for his own he'd do anything.

Their was a law in this domain
in stone, the king had said
To ransom just a single soul
undefiled blood must be shed.

The rebel grinned in vicious glee
for the power was in his hand
The blood in the veins of the royal one
was the purest in the land.

Surely he would get a place,
a throne exalted now
to lose one drop of that dear blood
the king would ne'er allow.

Plans were made with cohorts
for they would be in charge
yes, all of those malevolent ones
would soon be living large.

Their party was at its apex
the subjects wept in gloom
then suddenly like a lightning flash
the king's presence filled the room.

The evil being quite literally
just seemed to drain of life
when from the corner of his eye
came the flash of a gleaming knife.

The king methodically opened his robe
and touched the knife to skin.
"Troubler, here's your ransom.
I'll never let you win!"

With a hideous, "No!" the evil dove
but he was there too late
by demanding this total sacrifice
he'd sealed his awful fate.

As drop by drop the red blood poured
and pooled upon the floor
a sound was heard throughout the realm;
the op'ning prison door.

The subjects danced a merry jig
and raised one voice to sing
because at last they understood
what they had cost their king.

As the final drop spilled out
from the one whom they adored
they knew they owed him everything
and crowned him Sovereign Lord.

Now in the kingdom praises rise
all earthly things above
when they commemorate His act
of tender, holy love.

Copyright © 1998 Jacqueline Ippolito Dewald. All Rights Reserved.

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